S.C. Woman Flips On Porch Light To Find 7-ft Alligator

When you flip on the porch light to see who may be stopping by, most people would be blown away to see a 7-ft alligator stopping by for dinner. 

Mandy Johnson-Plucinski, of the Cameron Village area of Myrtle Beach, was getting ready for bed when her and her son heard someone/something at the front door. When they flipped the light on "BAM".... Alligator!


"We were shocked," she told WMBF-TV

Johnson-Plucinski had to call in Russell "The Snake Chaser" Cavender, a local snake wrangler, to save the day and re-locate the new house guest. 

HOLY COW! Can you imagine! NO THANKS!

Just last year something similar happened at another South Carolina home. Are they shopping for new houses? I mean you'd think they could be courteous and use a Realtor. 



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