'Bachelor In Paradise' Shut Down After Sexual "Misconduct"

'Bachelor In Paradise' is known to get fairly racy when it comes to contestants hooking up on the show. IT seem the latest sexual encounter filmed for the upcoming 'Paradise' season, crossed the line.

According to several sources including US Weekly, an incident between DeMario Jackson (the cheater kicked off the recent 'Bachelorette' season) and Corinne Olympios (Nick Vaill's 'Bachelor' season) is being investigated, after a producer reported Corinne may have been to intoxicated to consent. The crew member said she was very "uncomfortable" with what happened, according to reports. 


The entire cast was sent home from filming in Mexico while they are investigating the sexual encounter in the pool. 

There are different accounts of the incident being reported. All of them saying a lot of drinking was involved and the two got pretty hot and heavy in the pool at one point. That's when a crew member said something happened that was over the line and didn't feel Corinne was of the ability to give consent. 

ET is reporting that the two have connected outside of the show and are on speaking terms. Corinne has not yet said she felt violated in any way but ABC is allowing for a full investigation to take place before resuming filming. 

Despite the halt on production, the show is still planned for an August 8th premiere. 



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