Snortable Chocolate Is The New Trend Hitting The U.S.

When we where kids, our parents got all bent out of shape when candy cigarettes came out. Of course this generation has to one up that with snortable chocolate.

This odd candy trend has been a thing in Europe for a while. It's called Coko Loco and is a fine cocoa (not cacao) powder that, when snorted can give you a euphoric feeling and energy boost, according to the Florida company Legal Lean, who is distributing it. 


US News reports, Raw cacao can be mood-lifting and muscle-relaxing. Some even hail it as a superfood. While The FDA has not approved the snorting powder, they don't need to because you aren't eating it. 

I think I'll just continue to eat my chocolate, instead of snorting it. Anything put up your nose is probably not very healthy for you. 

Somewhere Charlie Sheen just said, "NEED A SPOKESPERSON? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!"


This guy even created a device to help you snort it. 



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