Police Searching For Severed Toe Stolen From Canadian Bar

A bar in a very small town in Canada's Yukon territory is upset that someone has stolen their signature human toe. The bar at Downtown Hotel told CBC, "We fortunately have a couple of back-up toes, but we really need this one back." 

The toe is the key ingredient in a specialty shot they offer called the "The Sourtoe Cocktail". Anyone brave enough to try the morbid Whiskey shot, has to let the blackened, crusty toe touch their lips while downing the shot. If they do so, they get a certificate.

Excuse me while I continue to dry heave writing this! 

There is a $2,500 fine for swallowing or stealing the toe and it is currently missing.

The owner of the bar, Terry Lee, said the toe was donated by a man who had it surgically removed. It was then cured in salt for six months and they had just started using it. It's an important toe to them. 

This is "toe-tally" the creepiest crime I've ever heard of, but sounds like something I'd do when I was drunk and being stupid. "Hey, bro! Let's steal the toe and take selfies with it the rest of the night."

I've never had the shot but I'd guarantee someone who claims to be a whiskey expert has said this sentence: "The gangrene really brings out the rich wood flavor of the whiskey."

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