Husband Pods Introduced At Chinese Malls

Nobody hates shopping more than your husband. TRUST ME! I immediately get board and drag my feet from store to store was my wife finds every way to drain our bank account. The new husband pods in China are a thing of genius!

According to The Paper, the Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has created glass pods with TV's and gaming systems in them, so that husbands can spend time doing what they love, while you shop! Even better, the games are 90's retro games! SCORE!


Many users of the pods have said it was a great idea and they love them. One person told The Paper, "There's no ventilation or air conditioning, I sat playing for five minutes and was drenched in sweat."... That's a big FAIL!

Can we get the updated versions in the U.S.?! STAT! I'm gonna need one in every Victoria Secret and out side the Dillard's dressing rooms too please! Also, eventually we'll need to branch these out to HER friend's wedding receptions, the hair salon, and the in-laws house!



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