Tragic Ride Failure At Ohio State Fair Kills 1, Injures 7 Others



The Ohio State Fair is back open but has closed all rides after a major failure on the Fireball ride killed one and injured 7 others. 

It seems the one of the carts holding riders came loose mid-ride sending passengers flying.  One 18-year-old was flung 50 feet and died on impact. The video is tuff to watch and so scary. 

I've ridden some pretty shady rides at fairs but since I married my wife, she' much more cautious with things like this. They throw these rides up so fast and move city to city with this equipment. It's not exactly experts putting them together either. There are a lot of factors that can cause a ride to have a terrible malfunction like this and cause serious injury. 

Ohio Governor John Kasich spoke about the events calling it the "worst tragedy in the history of the fair".


I pray for the recovery of the other 5 people in the hospital after this. WOW! 

The Fair Facebook page offed their condolences as well. 



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