Raleigh Woman Jailed In Honduras Over A 'Can Safe'

A Raleigh woman is living a nightmare, stuck in a Honduras jail for a complete mistake. 

Amanda Laroque is stuck in a jail with no bed, no air conditioning, and has to sleep on concrete all because of a cheap "can safe" she bought to keep her stuff secure. She told ABC 11, "They're holding me in an 8x12 pen, that's un-air-conditioned; no beds, no mattresses, on a concrete floor.". She continued, "There's no ventilation, there's just one window with little bars and the door.


Laroque was on a trip to look at real estate, when returning airport authorities asked to see her "can safe" (a safe that looks like a cheap soda can to hold valuables). When they cut the can open, a white powder fell out, and they immediately arrested her. They don't have field tests, they just assumed it was cocaine and threw her in jail.

Her husband did a FB live on his way down to get her out:


Wow! This is pretty scary! Just a simple little travel item and this woman is facing some major charges in a foreign country. I can't even imagine how horrible that must be. I'm blown away they can just arrested someone on an assumption like that!



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