South Carolina prosecutors just released video of an office shot on duty responding to a "suspicious person" call.  Estill, SC police officer Quincy Smith was shot point blank 4 times by the suspect in the video. On went into his kneck.

Officer Smith can be heard on the video saying "dispatch, tell my family I love them". He was critically injured according to reports but survived due to quick medical response and great doctors. 

The incident happened on New Years Day 2016. Malcolm Antwan Orr was just recently convicted of attempted murder of and officer and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He'll serve 35 years. (WSB-TV)

I have so much respect for our boys and girls in blue. I hate seeing things like this but it proves how dangerous any situation can turn in a matter of seconds. I'm happy this officer made it home to his family! God Bless all our first responders!