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UGA Professor Is Letting Students "Choose Their Grade"


A new "stress reduction policy" has been implemented at the University Of Georgia by professor Dr. Richard Watson. He's allowing students to choose their own grade.

Watson says that undue stress "can have profound consequences for all involved." Therefore, if a student is having a hard time with the grade he/she was given, they can simply email Professor Watson and for a different grade. #SeemsLegit

The policy also allows students in groups, to "walk away from the group without explanation" and only be graded on non-group activities. 


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! What is this preparing these students for? NOTHING! If I walk out of a "group setting" at work and choose not to be involved.... I get fired! Not to mention, if I get stressed by things I'm asked or required to do at work.... TOUGH CRAP! I have to do it! There's no "choosing your own grade" in the real world! 

This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. It's also a prime example of the culture we've walked our society into. Don't hurt anyone's feeling, we're all entitled to have everything we want for no effort. 


P.S. Ignore any grammatical errors in this post, I gave myself an A!

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