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Solar Eclipse Check List Before It Hits Georgia

It's been 99 years since we've seen this type of solar phenomenon. The Total Solar Eclipse will hit Atlanta from 2:34p-2:40p. It'll be near 100% in our area but not completely. 

Here are a couple things to check off before it get's here:

1. DO NOT LOOK AT IT DIRECTLY FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME. It will burn your retinas and could cause blindness. The power of the suns rays is not something you want to mess with. If you don't have glasses, you can do several things: 

- Use your phone in selfie mode (it won't ruin your camera Apple has confirmed). Be careful the relfection from the phone screen isn't directly hitting your eyes though.

- Cut a cereal box like in this video

2. Make sure your young children AND pets are protected from the direct beams as well! I'd keep pets and small children inside for this. Even if they have a pair of the glasses, neither will keep them on and it could be very detrimental to their eyes.

3. If you can't make it outside of work or wherever you are, Here is a live stream you can watch:

4. It will only happen for a matter of minutes, so don't forget to actually soak in the moment! I know you're trying to get the perfect Instagram picture, but EVERYONE will be watching it in real time, no one needs your perfect photo or Facebook Live on their feed to see it. Enjoy the moment for what it is! It hasn't happened in 99 years!

5. Don't stop traffic to watch it! Seriously ATL traffic is bad enough

Here are road signs around Atlanta today:

6. You need a good song for the Eclipse too. Only fitting that "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" is #1 on iTunes today!

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