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Taylor Swift's New Album May Have Some Hidden Meanings

2014 was the last album from Taylor Swift, but she's BAAACK! 

After a long break from music, Swift is back with a vengeance with her new diss song "Look What You Made Me Do". Many are speculating it's about Kanye West, because of a line "I don't like your tilted stage"

Her album "Reputation" comes out November 10th. Many are finding hidden messages in the album cover. 

It's the first cover since her debut to show her whole face. And it's been 1110 days since her last album, when it comes out, and the numbers add up to 13 (her favorite #)

Many are saying the type over half of her face, represents lyrics she used before that say "it's written all over your face" in regards to rumors and her "reputation".

- The font many are saying rips off Kanye West's "Life Of Pablo" font.

Other's claim it's more New York Times font looking.

Even more sinister, some are shocked that the release date, is also the 10th anniversary of Kanye West's mother's death.

This has pretty much been debunked as a reason she'd do it. Taylor is not that heartless #1 and seriously, who really remembers the day Kanye's mom died, other than Kanye and his family. 

CLICK HERE for more hidden messages from BuzzFeed.

She will debut the video at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night!

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