Horrifying Bus Crash Caught on Tape Kills 3

An early morning bus crash in Flushing, Qeens, NY left 3 people dead. One was a predestrian and the others where a driver and passenger on one of the busses, according to NY City Police. 

Dozen where also injured as a Charter bus, plows into a city bus that was turning. Video of the horrifying crash was caught on a traffic cam and is pretty scary to watch. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio told the NY Times,  “It’s just shocking to see the scene over there. Hard to compare it to anything I’ve ever seen — the sheer destruction from the impact of the collision.”


I'm thankful but shocked that more people weren't killed in this accident. WOW! It's still be investigated as to what caused the crash and why the other driver didn't stop in the intersection.

I noticed that no break lights where on for the bus coming into the intersection. It seems maybe a break failure could be the reason. 



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