Serial "Mad Pooper" Angering A Colorado Nieghborhood

We've all seen some pretty odd things in our neighborhoods I'm sure, but this is pretty horrible. A jogger has been randomly pooping in people's yards and then jogging off.

Neighbors in Colorado Spring, CO are posting signs and looking for a woman jogger, who keeps defecating in their yards, regardless of who is around. One woman even confronted her as it was happening told KKTV, "I was like 'are you serious? Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids?' And she was like 'Yeah...sorry,'" homeowner Cathy Budde said.


Ok...... this woman is disgusting. I feel bad when my dog uses someone else's yard, I would be livid if I saw this in my yard. What is the purpose?! You gotta go that bad? Why not before you go jogging?

I guess they'll find out who it is during the next city 5K! Seriously though, that's just sh**ty to do to a neighbor. 



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