Steelers' Former Army Ranger Stands Alone For National Anthem

As our nation continues to divide it self over ridiculous things, it almost brought a tear to my eye seeing Steelers player Alejandro Villanueva stand alone, during the national anthem this weekend. 

After President Trump's remarks about "fire the S.O.B.s" that don't stand for the national anthem, hundreds of players kneeled or chose not to participate in the national anthem ceremonies. The Steelers chose to stay in the locker room or tunnel until after the anthem,.... all except one.

 Villanueva is a U.S. Army Ranger who was deployed 3 times to Afghanistan. He went against his coaches wishes and teams demonstration, because he knew the honor and purpose of covering your heart and standing for the flag of his country. The one he fought and could've died for. 

What a disgrace for his team to deny this man the gratitude and appreciation he deserves! Most of them probably can't even comprehend the sacrifice Villanueva and his buddies have made for this country and our rights. Disgusting!

As far as the other kneelers in the NFL, STOP. You're hurting the game I love and disrespecting this nation and the men who've died for it. If you really want to bring awareness and make a difference, take some of the millions of dollars you spend on mansions and sports cars, and give it back to struggling communities and organizations who are truly fighting the cause. Your kneeling changed nothing. Your money and time given to the cause will! 

I think former Bills QB Jim Kelly said it best, "I love the game of football and all that it means to the players, fans and cities across THIS country...but with all that's going on it's hard.The only time I will ever take a knee is to pray and to thank the Good Lord for what he's given me. We all have our issues. We all need to try and appreciate and understand each other and help each other and that goes for our PRESIDENT TOO. I don't have all the answers.But I do know that we need to UNITE not SEPARATE. I hope next week we can STAND , LOCK ARMS and become ONE FAMILY. "

The irony is now Villanueva's jersey is the highest selling jersey in the Steelers organization!

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