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Tom Petty's Daughter Calls Him A "Magical Human"

We lost a legend in music on Monday. Rocker Tom Petty passed away after a heart attack at his Malibu home and left a giant whole in the music world.

His daughter, AnnaKim Violette, wrote a sweet tribute on her Instagram and said it best with, "I grew up on these songs💚everyone grew up on these songs💚🇺🇸this is real American Art made from the roots of real people who deeply love life💚🐛my father loves music more than anything and always put music first"

She recalled just a week before when she was watching her dad rock out on stage writing, "we showed up rushed to our seats💚I got stoned had a beer the lights went dark." She continued, "it's going to be healing to know I will never go a day without hearing his music."

That's how we all will keep his memory alive. His music is as good today as it was when it first came out. Petty is truly timeless. 

He is a legend and a dreamer who definitely lived his life the way he wanted to. 

AnnaKim is going through a really rough time mourning her father who was only 66. She shared many photos of him and called him a "Magical Human"

She thanks his fans for so much love as well as her family for being together at his passing. She wrote, "The amount of pain you feel will one day be the amount of joy you exsperience." She ended with, "My heart feels open and light years closer to my loved ones. The body dies but the loves grows forever. Invite love."

Rest In Peace Tom Petty! There will be none ever like you again!

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