Man's "Tumor" Turns Out To Just Be A Toy Traffic Cone


A British man was a bit scared when he was told he had a tumor in his lungs. Turns out it was something far more bizarre. 

A 47-year-old man who was a life-long smoker wasn't totally surprised when the respiratory therapist did an X-ray of his lungs and found out his nagging cough was from a tumor mass in his right lung. He was really shocked to find out it had nothing to do with his smoking at all. It was actually a small toy traffic cone he had swallowed when he was 7.

A British Medical Journal (BMJ) said he told doctors he swallowed toys often when he was young. He never knew that one got caught in his lung and was there for over 40 years! Doctors discovered it after removing the small mass. His cough has sense gone away. They said it's "unheard of" that an object would take this long to cause complications. (BBC)



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