Baltimore High School Evacuated Because Of Pumpkin Spice


A Southeast Baltimore School was evacuated last week when students reported feeling ill from a very stranger odor in the school. Hazmat teams and firefighters determined it to be SUPER BASIC.

 Around 2:30 p.m. to Crito Rey Jesuit High School was completely evacuated for the safety of students. After a sweep of the school, it was determined that a pumpkin spice plug-in was the cause of the mysterious odor that made some students feel ill. (WBAL)

Several students where overheard saying "OMG... LIKE I JUST CAN'T EVEN" and "WHAT..EVER"

Ironically, I get the same ill feeling anytime my wife forces me to go in Bath and Body Works! SMELL OVERLOAD!



Otis was born and raised in a small town in Morton, IL between two pumpkin patches. It’s the Pumpkin Capitol of the World, so there’s that. He considers Charlotte, NC his hometown, after spending 10 years there doing radio and meeting his wife... Read more


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