Toddler Rides A 180lb Pet Python


Shocking footage of a 3-year-old riding a 20ft python is going viral. 

A family in the province of Thanh Hoa, Vietnam calls this 180lb monster a "pet", according to The Daily Mail. They shared the video of the toddler riding the giant snake and called it "a very dangerous situation" as most would see it......but not these moronic parents. 

Turong's parents keep the snake as a pet, and took it out into the corner of their yard when it had flooded. They then let the 3 -year-old "play" with the snake.


One commentor said, "it'd take 2 seconds and 6 men wouldn't get that child out if it's clutch. Sadly, only a matter of time!"

I had a 4ft python and he was pretty docile most of the time, but in a flash he bit me a couple times. If this snake decided he was hungry, that child would be lunch in a heartbeat. These parents are awful people. Might as well let you child skydive without a parachute, probably safer. 



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