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UPDATE: Vegas Victim Tina Frost Speaking


According to the lastest from Tina's father Rich, “This is definitely the best week she’s had and she’s doing remarkably well," he told NewsDay. "No scares this week, no fevers, no setbacks, no high blood pressure,” he exclaimed.

The 27-year-old Vegas shooting victim has been making large leaps in a short time. She's walking on her own, playing soccer in the halls a little, saying a few words like "I love you" to her boyfriend, and responding with "Yes" or "No" to questions. He father said the most heartwarming thing is "she says 'daddy'".

“Physically she is great,” Rich Frost told NewsDay. “She’s strong, she can walk on her own. She wears a helmet to protect her head because....if she was to ever fall on her head it would be catastrophic.”

She's currently at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore receiving treatment. 

Her family or boyfriend stay by her side 24/7 and despite how difficult the past month has been, they find time to be grateful, because Rich said, "She's Alive. There's 58 that didn't make it."

Tina was one of the nearly 500 wounded in the Vegas mass shooting, when a bullet struck her in the face.

Frost was shot in the face during the Vegas mass shooting and has been recovering well over the past two weeks. She's been brought out of her induced coma as of late last week. According to her GoFundMe updates by family members, "She opens her left eye just a lil and looks all around the room at us, taps her feet whenever music is playing, continues to squeeze our hands, and even gives Austin a thumbs up when asked." 

Tina has even taken several steps to a chair near her bed and back. "She also breathed on her own for a full 6 hours!", her family exclaimed. Her breathing is strengthening and doctors are expecting she should be talking again soon. It seems even with the Trauma to her brain, Tina is still able to do many tasks and has full reflexes! Praise the Lord!

Her mother spoke to CNN about Tina.

With a goal of 50 thousand, her GoFundMe has raised over 7 times that. Over $600,000 has poured in from friends, family, her former college Gardner-Webb and even her employer, Ernst & Young.

We are all still holding out hope she can recover and praying like crazy. It feels like God still has a plan for this beautiful woman!

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