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OShow #HumpDaySurvey: People Who Wake Before 5am, More Like To What?


Every Wednesday we throw out a random fact for you to guess at with the OShow #HumpDaySurvey. Earlier riser may actually have an advantage at work! 

A new survey found people who wake before 5 a.m., are more like to do what at work?

Take a guess and listen to see if you're right:

A few other findings:

- People who rise at 6 a.m. had the highest job satisfaction (LOVE my job, never up before 8 a.m.)

- Students who said they were “morning people” got higher grades (I hate mornings, but had 3.5 GPA)

- Overall loss of 252.7 days and $63.2 billion due to sleepiness at work

-70 million people have a sleep or wakefulness disorder (for sure me!)

- A major key, according to a Harvard study, is going to sleep and waking at same time every day, makes  you more successful

(Source: Mic.com)

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