UGA Makes List Of Rowdiest Football Fans

The Bulldogs head into the weekend as #1 in college football, but also made the top of the rowdiest fans list. 

Based on the percentage of fans ejected from the stadium, These are the top 10 schools in 2017 with the rowdiest fans. The Bulldogs cam in 9th, this weekends game though, is against the #1 ranked team. (KGW-TV)


 Videos from fights at Florida State-Alabama game, Michigan-Florida game, and Ole Miss-South Alabama Game have all gone viral this year.


UGA has ejected 191 this season as the Bulldogs are working on one of the best season in many years. What are you so mad at?! You're winning every game! 

Maybe those who can't control their alcohol at the tailgate, should stay home. It baffles me how childish grown men can be over sports. I get mad just like the next guy, but it's not that serious. It's a game, there will be others. 



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