Man Donates His Corvette With 773,000 Miles To Corvette Museum


Mark Blackwell is a Florida resident but worked in Georgia. He bought a C5 Corvette brand new in 1999 and drove it every day since then for work. He just topped 773,000 miles and donated it to the Corvette Museum. 

He basically drove the equivalent of 277 trip from NY to LA and this car looks like it just came off the lot. I'm more blown away by how perfect it still is than the mile!! You may notice the check engine light is on in the video as well. Guess he knew it was time to call it quits. (

The world record for mile on a car is 3,039,122 miles driven by Irvin Gordon in a 1966 Volvo 1800S. So I guess it's not that impressive compared to that but still pretty amazing! I guess you can say he got his money's worth out of the car!



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