Pimple Popping Nail Makeover?!


The fashion industry is always trying to push the bar, but the latest trend is probably the most digusting I've ever seen. 

There are a group of people in the world who LOVE to pop pimples and skin bumps. My wife is one of them. YouTube videos are all over where you can watch people pop massive zits and see the puss ooze out. NO THANKS!

Now your nails can do the same. UK-based vlogger Natasha Lee came up the disgusting nail design that allows you to pop pimples on your nails. 


I think I threw up 3 times just writing this blog but it was too good not to share. 

Would you ever do this? 

I can't imagine taking a girl out and looking at her zit covered nails, her popping one and me making it past the app. I'd be out in a heart beat. Obvious we aren't into the same things! haha



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