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Holiday Movie Drinking Game


It's the time of year when Christmas movies are plenty on TV and people are getting into the holiday shopping spirit and decorating spirit. Here's a drinking game if you'watching a Christmas movie.

Facebook user Brittany Graves came up with some good rules for Hallmark movies, but it works for all:

Here are a few additions I've come up with:

- Anytime a child is sad about something (Shot)

-Anytime Santa is drinking (Drink)

-When the phrase "That's the magic of Christmas" is used. (Finish Drink)

- Anytime someone craps on your old Christmas movie and say "Why don't we turn on 'Elf'?" (Hit them with your drink)

My 2 favorite Christmas Movies of all time:

Home Alone: 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas:

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