Atlanta WWII Veteran Dies As Nurses Laugh


89-year-old James Dempsey of Woodstock, Georgia was in the care of Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center in 2014. Family members set up a hidden camera for fear of mistreatment.  What they caught on video is disgusting.

Dempsey calling for help when no one comes. He was even telling the nurses over the intercom that he couldn't breathe at one point. It takes the nurses too long to come render aid, then when they arrive, they don't even attempt CPR. One nurse is even heard laughing about his breathing machine failing. 

Such a tragic moment and really tough to watch. This man was a hero and deserved far better. He shouldn't have died that day. I'm disgusted that people like this work in the medical field.

Both nurses where relieved of their positions and nursing licenses for the incident. The family received a large settlement but still would probably rather still have their father and grandfather. (AOL)



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