Man Saves A Wild Rabbit From California Wildfires

Wildfires are raging in California, forcing evacuations all over the metro L.A. area now. One man saw a wild rabbit in distress and put his life on the line to rescue it. 

A video was captured on the side of Highway 1 in La Conchita of the daring rescue and you can see flames within feet of the good Samaritan.


Over 100,000 acres have been burned in California since it began. Officials have warned people that wildlife is showing up in metro areas because they have no where else to go. They've even asked people to bring in pets and leave water and food out to help the wild animals who are fleeing for their lives. 

Praying for everyone over in Cali and the animals! Major respect for someone who loves animals this much! This would so be me for sure, while my wife yelled at me for doing it. 



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