Baby Frozen For 24 Years Was Just Born


Emma Wren Gibson, was delivered on November 25 and is technically 24 years old. 

Emma's parents, Tina and Benjamin Gibson of eastern Tennessee had trouble getting pregnant so they utilized the help of the National Embryo Donation Center for in vitro fertilization. 

The Gibson's where excited to have the embryo take and get the chance at parenthood. Litte did they know, the embryo they picked out was donated in 1992. It's the longest an embryo has ever been frozen and resulted in a successful birth. 

"We're just so thankful and blessed. She's a precious Christmas gift from the Lord," Tina said. "We're just so grateful."(CNN)

The couple is registered at LA Gear Lights, Cross Colours and, the Scrunchies store. 

Or if you are looking for good music, Emma is really into Nirvana and Right Said Fred! 



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