Texas Girl Becomes 1st To Score In H.S. Football Championship


K-Lani Nava is a senior at Strawn High School in Texas. She's also the kicker for the Championship football team who just won their state title game at Cowboys Stadium with her help.

ESPN said that Nava is the 1st female to ever play in and score in a high school football championship in the nation. 


Nave scored 9 points to help Strawn win 78-42 in the Class 1A Division II Six-Man championship.

Nave told The Star-Telegram she wasn't nervous, "It's any other field that anyone would play on. I didn't think about the whole state thing, it was like the first game of the season for me."

She told TexasFootball.com: "All I worried about was the ball getting on the tee, and me making the right contact with it. I do my job."

Congrats to her and what a cool little history moment she gets to take with her in life. Not only does she have a state champs ring, but also the first girl in history to get one in Football! 



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