Topless Woman Tries Stealing Baby Jesus At The Vatican


Thousands gathered at one the world's most holiest places in Vatican City prepared to hear the Pope give his Christmas sermon, what they didn't prepare for is a topless woman to steal baby Jesus.

Police in Vatican City said a topless feminist protester from a group called Femen, tried hopping a gate and nabbing the little Baby Jesus in the nativity display. She was topless and causing a major scene to protest the patriarchal society. 

According to Reuters, the woman was yelling "God Is Woman" as she ran into the display and was promptly stopped by Vatican police officers. It all happened about 2 hours before the Pope was scheduled to speak. 

I'm not sure exactly what stealing Baby Jesus accomplished for the cause, but now there are thousands of people with extra Hail Marys this week after seeing her topless. 

The Shepard behind Baby Jesus's expression, for some reason, makes me laugh, given the situation.



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