A Spider Led A Man To Cause $11K In Damage To His Home


If there is one big fear I have.... it's spiders. I'm a bit surprised that this wasn't me. A man caused $11 grand in damage to his home trying to kill a spider.

The Redding Record Searchlight reported a man in Redding, CA used a blow torch to kill a wolf spider he found in his home. Wolf spiders are huge! He got the spider, but while on flames, it ran onto a mattress and lit his furniture on fire. 

Firefighters say the blaze quickly spread through the bedroom and into the closet before they could contain it. No other apartments in the building where damaged but this man cause $11,000 in damage to his own apartment. 

Granted, he can no longer live in the apartment after firefighters deemed it uninhabitable.... but I get it! F-That! I probably would've done exacltly the same thing haha. Thankfully no one got hurt.....except the spider. He's pretty crispy at this point. 



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