Ronda Rousey Joins WWE With Surprise Announcement at Royal Rumble


Rumors have been floating around about Ronda Rousey making an appearance at the Royal Rumble Sunday night for the WWE. She did show up and had a surprise announcement as well.

Rousey, who was embarrassed last year in the UFC after getting beat in a main event in 48 seconds, will now try her hand at professional wrestling. Wearing the logo that looks like "Rowdy" Roddy Pipers, Rousey shook WWE President Stephanie McMahon's hand to confirm she will be joining the company. 

Rousey was ecstatic after the announcement and said it was a "dream come true".


I wouldn't want to be the first girl in the ring with her. This girl is a trained UFC fighter! In the heat of battle, she may forget that this is supposed to be choreographed and start throwin hay makers. You don't wanna be on the other end when her brain goes into real fight mode on accident. 

Haha but I'm pretty excited to see her character and how she throws down in the WWE. 



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