Tesla Puts First Car In Space, The Video Is...Weird


Elon Musk wanted to be the first to put a car in space and he just did it. Musk, who owns Tesla Motors, just flew a rocket into space called SpaceX's Falcon Heavy on Tuesday with a Tesla Roadster in it. Now the car is floating around space on a live stream. 

The driver is just a mannequin in a space suit called "Starman". The car is now headed into the asteroid belt after shooting past it's intended orbit of Mars. It will now probably just be demolished by a giant meteor at some point. (Space.com)

 It's kind of cool and weird all at the same time. Number 1, there is a random car just floating in space now, so the aliens are gonna think we are horrible drivers. Number 2, that's a $100,000 car. If he wanted to just throw away a $100,000 car, my driveway would've been the perfect place for it....not space! Now it's literally just space junk that will probably run into a meteor at some point. 


What's the re-sell value on a used Tesla with 284 million miles on it?



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