Mom Walks Out After Son Commits To Florida Live On ESPN

Alabama fans and families are known to be pretty aggressive when it come to their team. So much so that they will shun their family member for ignoring the allegiance. One stand-out high school recruit found that out live on ESPN when he commited to Florida.

Jacob Copeland, who as the 5th ranked white out in the recruiting class, had 3 schools to decide from to accept their scholarship. As his family sat around him with their team gear on, Copeland chose Florida. That's when his mother, wearing an Alabama hoodie and Tennessee cap, stood up and walked out live on ESPN. 

Things got pretty awkward!


I've heard rumors are there is more to the story. Some are saying that his mother was against him going to Florida because he has buddies that are gang affiliated there. She thinks it will be detrimental to his success and future. 

Things are gonna be pretty awkward in that house for the next 4 years. 



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