Engine Falls Apart On Flight To Hawaii


Imagine being mid-flight over water and the engine of your plane start falling apart with debris flying every which way. It just happened on a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Hawaii on Tuesday. 

Passengers grabbed their phones and snapped shots of the terrifying moment unfolding. As pieces flew off, the engine and wing started shaking more and more. No one knew if it would even hold up to make it to the ground. 

"I thought we were going to die and hoped that my kids knew that I loved them," one passenger told ABC News after the plane made an emergency landing. "It was horrible.


As passengers feared death, the flight attendants stayed calm and the pilots expertly got the plane on the ground with no injuries or major catastrophes. 

I would've soiled myself several times, said my piece with loved ones, and probably called a few people to tell them off. That would've been awkward later!



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