French Ice Dancer Has Embarrassing Nip-Slip At Olympics


Gabriella Papadakis had a bit of a nip-slip when her dress came undone during her Olympic Routine in PyeongChang. The pair struggled to get through a routine, after her dress came loose and out popped a little surprise, during a figure skating program at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

 Gabriella and Guillaume danced to songs by Ed Sheeran and early in the performance, his hand brushed the back of Papadakis' neck, causing her top to come unfastened. She tried holding it up the rest of the routine so they could finish.

Papadakis called it her "worst nightmare" after the routine ended. It's one thing to fall in front of the world, but to be exposed on the World stage is another level of embarrassment I'm sure. “I told myself, ‘I don’t have a choice. I have to keep going,’ and that’s what we did," Papadakis added in her press conference. "I think we can be proud of ourselves being able to deliver a great performance with that happening.


Still more embarrassing than these horrible couples mishaps



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