Snowboarder Breaks Guinness Land Speed Record


British snowboarder Jamie Barrow just broke his own speed record on a snowboard after being pulled by a Maserati at over 92mph. 

Barrow attempted the stunt on a frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland and shared the video on twitter. His speed of 92.99 mph on a snowboard breaks the Guinness record. he actually broke 94 mph on his first attempt but Guinness requires a second run and they take the average. Previously he held the record at 65mph.


"I'm absolutely delighted to have broken my own record. I always knew there was much more speed possible with the right conditions and, crucially, the right car to tow me," Barrow said in a news release from Maserati.

Can you imagine a face plant at that speed? Cause I'm pretty sure that's what would've happened to me if I tried this! looks like a blast!



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