People Are Paying $590 For Clear Plastic Designer Bag


I'm pretty sure if my wife came home with a plastic bag and a $590 receipt for it, it's grounds for divorce!

An upscale Seattle shop is selling a designer bag by French luxury clothing brand Celine for $590. No it's not a purse or designer leather. It's literally a plastic bag with a cheap logo on it. It was debut on the Paris runway Spring/Summer 2018 fashion week in January.

In case the Veranda black font logo of the designer wasn't enough look for you, it also feature the babie choking hazard warning in several languages on it. It does not have a husband choking hazard when he finds out you spent that much on a grocery bag. STOP IT!!! (UPI)

I've got a zip-lock version in my kitchen I'll let go for $300! Who's in?



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