Australia Starts 1st Annual Mullet Festival


A small Australian town of 6,000 people called Kurri Kurri has started it's first annul Mullet Fest to honor the business in the front, party in the back hairstyle called the Mullet.

In an effort to draw tourism, the town decided to honor the Mullet and give out awards for people who truly go all out with the hairstyle, from young to old.


 Co-organiser, Sarah Bedford told The Gaurdian, “Aussies love an icon. We have so many mullets in town, and in my family. My father-in-law had one for 60 years.” During a brainstorming session she helped created the idea.

With categories for best everyday mullet, junior mullet, best red head mullet, grubby mullet, ladies mullet, and best overall, it drew thousands to come compete for the top prizes. Contestants are ranked on level of maintenance, split ends, length of time, density and lusciousness.


They plan on making this a yearly happening and expect it to grow into a pretty major event. Maybe soon they can afford Skynyrd or Kid Rock to come play it too! I think Georgia can do it way better! We need to start this in Acworth or maybe Pembroke, GA. Who's in?



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