Moron Monday: Drunk Man Takes $1,600 Uber Ride

This weeks Moron Monday award goes to Kenny Bachman of New Jersey who got so drunk, he woke up to a $1,600 Uber Bill. 

Bachman was partying with friends on the campus of West Virginia University when he called an Uber to take him home. He thought the Uber would take him a few miles down the road to his Air BnB they where renting, but instead he put in the address of his parents house back in NJ, then passed out in the back seat.

300 miles later, he woke up on the back of the Uber and had no idea why he was at his home in New Jersey. The entire trip cost him $1,635 total, plus he had to get some money for the Uber drivers tolls on the way back. 


Bachman tried to dispute the charges saying he'd never put in his home address because he knew where he was at and blamed the driver, but Uber wasn't buying it and made him pay up. The driver even said he took a facetime call from a friend while still asleep. (

There are a lot of questions here from me! First off, where the hell where his friends? And why did they leave him alone if he was that drunk? Also, did the friend on the Facetime not have concern about the fact he was in an Uber annihilated and make sure he was going to the right place?



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