Dad Forces "Bully" Son To Run To School In Rain

Bullying is a very prevalent thing in the world we live in these days. It seems some parents of the bullies are oblivious to it or just ignore that their kid is mean. One Father who is going viral wasn't standing for his son being a bully any more. 

Bryan Thornhill of Virginia got on Facebook Live to show everyone the punishment his son was getting for being a bully and getting kicked off the bus for 3 days. Thornhill told his son since he didn't have a ride to school now, he'd have to run to school rain or not. 


Thornhill drove behind him as he ran all the way to school about a mile away. He's has gotten praise and criticism for the punishment but says that it's actually improved his behavior since doing it. 

I think this was much deserved! I will not tolerate my children putting anyone down or being mean for any reason. Also, if no harm is done, I wouldn't criticize someone else's parenting techniques because there is no manual for it. This will be something he remembers forever and will think of every time he thinks about being a bully again. I wish more parents where like this Dad, because he actually is proactive in raising good, kind children. There are too many passive parents that worry more about being "cool" with their kids than building their character and making them productive members of society!



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