Katy Perry Kisses "Idol" Contestant Who'd Never Been Kissed


American Idol debuted pretty strong in it's re-boot debut Sunday night bringing in over 10 million viewers and just a tick down from the show finale when it went off the air several years ago. 

There's some pretty solid talent rolling through again to be in front of judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. One contestant wasn't really a great singer but still was a huge winner for the night when Katy Perry gave him his 1st kiss.

Benjamin Glaze, 19, told the judges he'd never had a relationship so he had never experienced a 1st kiss. Perry jumped into action to make his dreams come true. Though hesitant at first, as most would be because she's kissed everyone in Hollywood, he gave in and went in for her cheek but she snuck in some lip action. Glaze fell over from the kiss and will never forget his 1st!



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