Reports Of "Zombie" Raccoons In Ohio


Police in Youngstown, OH are receiving dozens of very odd calls about "Zombie-like" raccoons terrorizing people. 

WKBN-TV reports people are seeing these animals display really odd behavior. Most people who see raccoons, only see them at night digging around in trash and they are pretty skittish if you approach them. Photographer Robert Coggeshall said he observed one approach him and his dogs and was walking upright, showing his teeth. After putting his dogs in the house, he noticed the raccoon falls over backwards and go into an" almost a comatose condition".

15 of the raccoons have been euthanized because of the behavior and experts are saying it's a Distemper that is causing the behavior. It's a viral disease that has odd symptoms and even makes them lose their fear of humans. (CBS news)

That's super creepy! But "Zombie Raccoons" would be a great metal band name!  



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