Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus' Grandson Sinks Hole-in-1 At Masters


GT Nicklaus just hit the shot of his life and his legendary grandfather, Jack Nicklaus, was there to watch it.

GT was playing in a par 3 challenge when he hit the perfect shot for a hole-in-one. His grandfather Jack was there to see it happen and couldn't have been more proud!

I'm not really digging the white body suits though. He looked like he was gonna fertilizer your lawn, but then said, "Hey, let me hit this shot real quick" 

The Masters is full of major moments this year. Tony Finau also hit a hole-in-1 while playing and started celebrating by running down the course and jumping up and down. He ended up dislocating his ankle in the process. It look horrible, but you see him put it back in place and walk it off. 



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