Naked Man At Gas Station Needed Help Retrieving Toy From His Rear


A man in Buenos Aires, Argentina was having a pretty rough day when he had to show up naked at a gas station asking for help. 

Surveillance cameras caught the very odd situation, when a naked man was yelling for help to get something out of his butt, because it got lodged too far in and he couldn't get it himself. The people at the gas station where baffled by the moment and called an ambulance for help. Medical personnel who arrived couldn't get it out either, so he had to be rushed to the hospital.  


After further...ah....investigation, doctors found the adult toy that was lodged up in his rear-end and got it out without much damage. 

I'm curious how long it took this man to decide, A: I've gotta go to that gas station for help and B: that there was no time for putting on clothes. Also, did he just think a stranger would dig up there and pull it out? Why didn't he just call for help himself?

If you think you're day is going bad,........ at least you weren't naked at a gas station asking for strangers to help you get a toy out of your behind. Things could be worse!



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