The 1st Flying Car Was Just Debuted At The 2018 Geneva Motor Show


We've dreamed of the day since we saw Back to The Future for the first time, and now flying cars are a thing.

Dutch company Pal-V just debuted the 1st flying car you can actually purchase at the Geneva Motor Show. Its Liberty flying car changes the face of commuting. It has a max speed of 112 on the ground and in the air. A foldable propeller provides the thrust to get it in the air. 

The catch is you have to have a pilots license and drivers license to drive one and the base model is about $400,000. 


I think this is pretty awesome and would LOVE to try one out. However, flying cars make me pretty anxious. Mainly because.... I'VE SEEN PEOPLE DRIVE! Can you imagine letting some people fly cars when they can barely even make it down 85 without narrowly killing 8 people?

When they do roll these out commercially though, lets start in Atlanta. Lord knows we can use the traffic relief!



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