Georgia Teen Goes To Prom In A Casket


Prom is a big deal for High School Seniors. Promposals have become a huge thing, what you wear is a new creative outlet for teens, and how you arrive is always a way to make a statement.

Most borrow Dad or Grandpa's sick old car or Mercedes, but Georgia teen Alexandra Clark showed up to the Americus Sumter High School Prom in a casket!

The video circulating of the moment shows hundreds of her classmate freaking out and surrounding her as she gets pulled out of the hearse and they open the casket to reveal her look. 


Clark told news outlets that she had good reason for the entrance she picked. She wanted to remind students of the dangers of drinking on prom night and the activities they may be participating in post prom. She also aspires to be a funeral director someday. 

Regardless, this is still eerie and creepy. No one wants to see a loved one in a casket no matter what the cause. Also, that's playing with some weird karma. NO THANKS!

I'd guess her date was like.... "Yo.... Imma just ride with my boyz if that's kool."#Dead



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