Georgia Gov. Candidate Getting Heat For Pointing Gun At Teen In Ad


Gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp is getting some heat for his newest political ad that is very pro 2nd Amendment. Obviously that's a hot button item to start with, but people are more concerned with how he pointed a gun at a teen.

Kemp is a republican and promised to fight for Georgia workers and protect the 2nd amendment, which I am all for! I have guns myself and think it's important to protect. Any smart gun owner knows though, loaded or not, NEVER POINT IT AT ANYONE. Kemp does exactly that after clicking it shut near the end of the ad. 

“After young children have lost their life to gunfire you set there flopping around a gun with a minor. Wow,” wrote one viewer wrote on Facebook. 

I get the joke, it's been around forever.... but pointing it at the kid I feel was a little extreme. If that gun went off he'd have a tough time running for Governor in court for shooting a teen. Just wasn't necessary to convey the joke.  



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