Shocking Near Disaster As An Air Canada Flight Tried To Land


The NTSB just released shocking footage of a near plane crash from last year. 

An Air Canada flight was cleared to land but picked the wrong runway and narrowly missed 4 planes taxiing for take off. He seemed to pull back up at the very last minute. It occurred on July 7, 2017 at 11:56 p.m., an Air Canada plane almost landed on a taxiway with four planes lined up instead of the runway at SFO. You can hear the chatter on the air traffic control signal. 


Investigations have been on going on what went wrong. Experts say it could've been the worst disaster in aviation history had he not pulled up. 

Air Canada Flight 759, an Airbus A-320, mistakenly aligned with Taxiway C. New data from NTSB says the plane got as low as 60 feet above the ground. The Philippine Airlines Airbus A340 waiting to take off on the taxiway has a tail that reaches 55 feet, six inches. They missed each other by a few feet! WOW! (Mercury News)



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