"Bill & Ted" Back For 3rd Installment To The 90's Movie Series


It's been Twenty-seven years since Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq., played by Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter jumped in the old phone booth to shoot through time. 

They are both back for the 3rd installment of the Bill & Ted Movie series, that finally has gone into production. The original screen writers and directors are back as well for Bill & Ted Face the Music. 

The movie will find the older, grown up Bill & Ted who still haven't written the song that could save the world. Juggling adult life, kids and more, they have to figure out how to write the song. Then, the stakes get higher, as someone from the future comes to tell them, they now need it to save the universe. 


I CANNOT WAIT!!! So excited!! I will be first in line at the theater. 

Quick question though...... Are they still going to be flying around in that phone booth? I don't want to have to sit and explain what that ancient contraption is to my kids. Can they just fly around in a Verizon store or something?



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