Moron Monday: Zookeeper Facing Charges For Taking a Bear Out For Ice Cream


A Zookeeper at Discovery Wildlife Park in Alberta may be in a cage soon himself, after taking a Kodiak bear to a local Dairy Queen to get it some ice cream. 

DQ workers caught it all on video, which shows the bear being fed through the Drive-thru as the owner of the DQ leans out of the drive-thru window. Someone in the video is heard saying, "We’ve got Berkley in the drive-thru testing out some ice cream so she can pick out her birthday cake."

The zookeeper SWEARS everyone was safe because the bear "was on a chain". Right cause the several hundred pound bear couldn't destroy that chain in a heart beat I'm sure. Plus, the owners hand is like inches from his mouth! NO WAY!!! (The Guardian)

Wildlife officials are looking into the incident and other incidents where he took the bear home!

You sir..... ARE A MORON!!



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